Bike-touring musician inspired by "the trembling music of water"

As a musician who tours by bike and train with the Pleasant Revolution, and also powers performances by pedaling, Heather Normandale already has a lot of green cred. But her environmentalism doesn’t stop with her methods of traveling or amplification; She also finds the inspiration for her music in the natural world. Her current project looks to the source of all life on the planet: water.

Okay, sounds a little hippie-dippy, and Heather’s music (as you can hear in the video above) definitely comes out of the American folk tradition. But just from the bit I’ve heard, this isn’t your typical amateur jug band trying to mimic Bob Dylan or Joan Baez. Heather takes inspiration from the sound of water and its ubiquity in our bodies as well as in the natural environment and blended banjo, cello, and percussion to make some really gorgeous music.

Gorgeous doesn’t mean naive or simplistic, though. Heather notes in the Kickstarter campaign she’s running to fund the recording of this album that the current state of the world’s waterways (as well as the state of our own bodies from what we ingest) includes pollution and blockages. Her aim is “to heal, to reflect, to educate, to connect, to inspire those who want to sing, reflect, heal and connect.” Big goals – ones that show the spirit of Dylan and Baez without the attempts to impersonate them.

Want to help get this album out? The fundraising campaign has just over a day to go, and she’s getting awfully close to her goal. I’m generally not a folkie (despite my other typical treehugging leanings), but I really like her music that I’ve heard so far.

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