Ai Weiwei's photos of New York City

Currently on display at NYC’s Asia Society Museum are a selection of 227 photographs (curated from thousands) snapped by artist Ai Weiwei of daily life during his residency here in the Big Apple in the 1980s. This is the first exhibition of his NYC photographs outside of Beijing.

“Mr. Ai worked as a street artist while he lived in New York, charging $15 to $25 for a portrait in Times Square. As a photographer, he documented the 1988 Tompkins Square Park disturbance; notable figures like Bill Clinton, Robert Frank and Allen Ginsberg; and other Chinese artists and intellectuals like Wang Ying, a film director, and Tan Dun, a composer. His self-portraits reveal a dissident-to-be in hot-spots-to-be.”

Relatedly, Aram Bartholl created this bookmarklet as a form of digital protest to the artist’s detention earlier this year based on Ai Weiwei’s middle finger photographs…