You are subscribed to the future

The title of this post is the message that pops up when you register your email at Miranda July’s website for her upcoming film THE FUTURE, which premiered at Sundance this year. The film, like all of her work, polarized audiences. There are the fervent July fans who find her work – in all mediums, I should add – quietly insightful, understated, poetic and razor sharp. Her critics, on the other hand find her overly poetic, even precious. One film critic at The Hollywood Reporter called THE FUTURE “a film as fragile and miniaturist as its title is grandiose…just too terribly twee to readily embrace.” I’ll reserve my own commentary for when the film is released “July 29th-ish,” according to July, but I’m going to have to disagree with twee right now.

Still, love her or not, you have to admit that as far as marketing is concerned she is one clever lady. To promote her 2007 book of short stories “No One Belongs Here More Than You,” she created a dedicated website consisting of a slideshow of overhead shots of her stove, which she wrote on with a dry-erase marker. The first image says “It’s been a year since I wrote on this stove.” How can you not click on after reading that?

For THE FUTURE, she’s created another dedicated website with all the standard information that a website about a movie should have, showtimes, cast bios, etc. But it also tells your future. It begins:

“This is an oracle like any other oracle, like the I Ching or astrology or Tarot cards – a technique for divining your future. The only real difference is that those are very old methods and this one is very new. But there was a first day for Tarot cards too, and the best friend of the person who invented them felt just like you do, suuuuper skeptical. (Especially since the Tarot card inventor kept saying things like “Oh, that card’s not quite done yet” and “I’m gonna change that part”.)”

Then, once you’ve focused your energy on whatever dilemma is plaguing you at the moment, you click on the colorful wheel of the future (image above) and allow July to work her prophecy-making magic. You can also get your future emailed to you twice a week, just sign up to subscribe to the future.