Weiner doll is a whole lot more fun than Ken

It was only a matter of time before the Anthony Weiner dolls went on sale — his weirdly hair-free chest is practically begging for a Ken doll version. Enter HeroBuilders.com, home of the Obama Rambama doll and the Sarah Palin action figure, amongst others. They are currently selling two Weiner dolls, both clad in white gym clothes with “Tweet This” on the shorts. The $39.95 version is disappointingly G-rated under his pants, just like Ken and G.I. Joe. The adults only version, at $49.95, doesn’t leave the goods to your imagination. ”No one is buying the one without the penis,” said HeroBuilders President Emil Vicale. If only we were able to make the same decision when it comes to our elected officials. If anyone’s asking, we’ll take the penis-free version, please. (By the way, the site is apparently overwhelmed by the interest in their Weiner dolls, so if you actually want to buy one you’ll have to be patient and keep clicking. In the meantime, we’re sure each day will bring new photos of Weiner’s actual wiener to tide you over.)