The delicate dance between cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians in NYC

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

Ron Gabriel shot and edited this neat overhead video depicting the delicate dance between between cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians at a NYC intersection. In a follow up post to the video, which went viral and elicited many opinions, Ron explains:

The video is not an attempt to say NYC streets are the most dangerous in the world. They are not. It is an attempt to clearly illustrate very specific behaviors — that if adjusted — would make a huge difference in our streets and our quality of life.

The video is not trying to be statistically relevant in terms of numbers of infractions per day or percentages. Existing statistic-based studies are great for research, but very boring to the general public who are the most important end-users of this information, and already largely ignore existing studies and corporate-feeling ad agency campaigns. The video is a carefully edited collection of clips shot during Summer/Fall 2010, intentionally chosen to graphically illustrate points of tension within NYC intersections, where 74% of all accidents in NYC occur. Does this make the piece subjective? Yes. Garbage? No. It is an artistic approach to a subject (street awareness and education) that up to this point has been treated very formulaically and without impressive results.


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