STOVEMAN: Bringing clean cook stoves to the developing world

Episode 1: Woodwalk from The Paradigm Project on Vimeo.

You may consider cooking a necessity, or maybe even a hobby… but probably not a health risk. For over two billion people in the developing world that still cook over open fires, though, cooking is hazardous: not only is it responsible for millions of deaths from lower respiratory disease, but it’s also a contributor to deforestation (and subsequent degradation of land quality). Additionally, in wood-poor regions, it’s a practice that requires a lot of time… women may spend most of one day collecting cooking wood that will last for only two days.

The Paradigm Project is a for-profit initiative focused on getting five million clean, efficient cook stoves to families around the world. In order to better tell their story, they’ve launched a web-based “reality” series, STOVEMAN. The show follows Greg Spencer and Austin Mann of the Paradigm Project as they document the challenge families face in cooking food… and the need for low-cost, efficient stoves like their Rocket Stove. Take a look at the first episode above, in which Greg and Austin join a group of Gabbra women in Northern Kenya on a day-long trip to gather wood.

We’ve pointed to one other cook stove initiative… and given the attention this issue has received, there must be others out there. Let us know about any you’ve come across.

via Dot Earth and @nature_org


Image credit: TREEAID at Flickr under a Creative Commons license