David David's and Glass Hill's simple geometry

Collaborations are becoming an increasingly common practice, making unlikely bedfellows of artists and car manufacturers and boutique textile-makers and big box retailers, and now, in what is perhaps an equally random pairing, fashion label David David and furniture designers Glass Hill. The single unifying trait they both share is their relative newbie status in their respective fields. That, and an attention to line and propensity for minimalism make them a perfect match for the recent commission from Phillips De Pury & Co. for their retail space in the Saatchi Gallery.

The collaborative effort in question is the sublimely simple and colorful chair pictured above. The chair’s components, made from white beech, are right in line with Glass Hill’s uncomplicated aesthetic and the bright geometric design, hand-drawn in crayon pencil, is not only representative of the David David look but it’s somehow both perfectly on trend and timeless. The chair’s pattern and style is reminiscent of the Bauhaus style as well as what’s been seen on the runway in the last year. Other furniture designers have recently come out with their own take on bold shapes and colors, but the David David/Glass Hill chair, with its neon triangles and modern form, is among the best.

Produced in an edition of 25, the Chair retails for $1,300.