How sexually adventurous are you?

photo via Flickr
Sex advice site recently conducted a survey on boredom in long-term relationships and how that effects sex. The survey of about 3000 mostly hetero men and women found that 25% of the sample reported feeling bored in their relationship, with an additional 25% of the sample on the brink of boredom; the majority of the respondents (57.9%) were entirely interested in trying something new in the bedroom that their partner suggested with an additional 25.7% mostly or somewhat interested in trying something new. This last finding is the spark for their next survey on sexual adventure:

  • Would you like to try something new in the bedroom?
  • What have you done, and what are you up for?
  • What turns you on with your partner?

If you take the survey between now and June 22, 2011, you will receive a coupon code for a free sex-guide eBook from immediately upon completion.