New York's changing face

James and Karla Murray’s New York City storefronts project is now a book. It took them 10 years to complete the project and in that time 1/3 of all the shops photographed have shuttered. It’s a visual documentation of the loss of Mom and Pop stores across NYC. From the couple:

STORE FRONT is a photographic survey documenting the fast disappearing mom-and-pop stores of New York City. JAMES AND KARLA MURRAY spent more than ten years photographing the distinctive storefronts of family-run shops in neighborhoods throughout the city. From cheerful Italian bakeries with hand-painted murals to the dingy dive bar that became a local institution, the Murrays’ bright photographs are a striking visual record of how colorful and idiosyncratic each block of New York’s streetscape once was. Since the Murrays began their project, many of the subjects have now shuttered, pushed out by chains. STORE FRONT has been praised by THE NEW YORKER–“These unfussy, elegant, and richly colored photographs give connoisseurs of signage, folk typography, and ambient erosion much to pore over”—and THE LONDON TELEGRAPH: “STORE FRONT offers vivid and intimate insights into the life of one of the world’s great cities.”