Love letters to VS Naipaul

A few weeks ago we apprised you of the ridiculous and offensive comments made by Nobel laureate and jackass VS Naipaul — basically that all women writers are ‘sentimental’ and ‘unequal to me’. There have been some great reactions to that old-fashioned fart’s blatant sexism. The latest is writer Joanne Elizabeth Valin’s new blog, Love Letters to VS Naipaul: “On the occasion of his declaration that no woman writer is, has been, or ever could be his equal.” She’s currently collecting and curating “intelligent letters with intelligent content. Be they spiked with vitriol, awash with sentiment, amused to the point of disbelief, or simply bored with the same old argument, your love letters should both inform and entertain.” The first just went up by author Edie Meidav (whose new novel Lola, California we’ll be excerpting here in the next few weeks) and more will be added soon. We asked Valin to elaborate on the criteria for submissions that will make the cut:

I’m interested in excellent prose–be this satirical, reflective, playful, bored, impassioned–and rigorous, thoughtful, creative engagement with the subject matter. Writers may want to focus on Naipaul’s comments specifically, or they may want to address the larger concern of what seems to be a cultural trend towards (re)ghettoizing women’s writing and women writers. In any case, the project seeks to highlight a collective of powerful, beautiful voices in prose.

Also, she is generously welcoming submissions by male authors.