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Toronto’s The Grid asked four local chefs to re-imagine and create a fancy meal using only a McDonald’s Big Mac combo meal (Big Mac burger, fries, Coke and condiments), and other than oil and water, no other ingredient was permitted. Fabio Bondi of Local Kitchen made the above dish, “McLumi Platter.”

It took chef/co-owner Fabio Bondi three tries to get this dish right. He made mortadella (an Italian cold cut) out of emulsified patties, lettuce, onions and sweet-and-sour sauce. But when he poached the sausage, it exploded. The same thing happened when he put it in a hot pan. In the end, he prepared it in the restaurant’s backyard smoker. The buns were toasted and made into crostini (the sesame seeds were mixed with ketchup to resemble mostarda, a fruit and mustard condiment). The nodini (bread knots) were made from fries.

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