David Lynch designs a nightclub

The Club Silencio scene in David Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001) is easily my favorite part of the film. The Spanish version of Roy Orbison’s “Crying Over You” is eerie and breathtaking, and for a moment I feel as if I actually know what’s going on. That said, it’s probably not the first place I’d look when designing a Parisian night club, but then again I’m not David Lynch.

Though opening night has been pushed back once again, this time to September 11, 2011, Lynch and his business partners are keeping quiet about the club’s specifics. A few things are known, however, like the fact that it will house a private screening room (it’s also rumored to have a restaurant, concert hall and art library). It will also be a private, members only affair, so not just any old fan can pop in and relive their MULHOLLAND DRIVE fantasies. Those who make it past the velvet rope (or in Lynch’s case, red velvet curtains) will sit in furniture designed by Lynch himself and listen to music played through “a surreal wooden-speaker stack resembling a nightmarish appropriation of the face of a child’s cuddly toy — the eyes being the two circular speaker cones.”

So why Paris? Lynch calls it “the most beautiful city in the world.” Plus, he’s been made an officer of the Légion d’Honneur, has exhibited paintings at the Cartier Foundation and was granted a retrospective of his work at the Cinémathèque Français last autumn. I guess the real question is why not Paris? Hopefully he’ll stretch his new designer wings stateside and let his fellow Americans in on a night of what is surely going to be creepy, mind-alerting fun.