Blocking a sex tape is like getting toothpaste back in a tube

We never thought we’d say this, but we feel kind of bad for Jennifer Lopez. Apparently she made a sex tape of sorts — there was no actual sex in it — with her first ex-hubby on their honeymoon back in 1997, and now he’s shopping it around. J.Lo fought to stop him, but an L.A. judge recently ruled that she had no case against him. Which means he can now sell to the highest bidder. (Rumor has it that, in lieu of sex, you see him spanking her most famous asset.) And sure, a celebrity making a sex tape and expecting it to stay private, what an idiot, right? But it’s not like this was some random drunken hookup. This was her husband. On their honeymoon. For better or worse, til death do us part, blah blah blah. And now that intimate moment will go on sale at or one of its ilk. We find it hard to believe there’s nothing she can do about this. Is anyone else as disturbed about this as we are? (Though, we must admit, we’re kind of impressed at the honeymoon spanking sex. Go J.Lo!) Seriously, though: Even the woman responsible for the two hours of our life we lost to GIGLI doesn’t deserve this.


J.Lo in wax via Flickr