Awesome people hanging out together

How to Make a Blog 101: pick a theme that can be illustrated in pictures, cull (read: steal) images reflecting that theme from all over the web, caption each image (wit/irony/humor optional). Think Failblog, PeopleOfWalmart, MyBadParent, TooBigForStroller, etc. Some are more clever than others. In fact, success isn’t measured in cleverness, but in whether a site can get you to visit it, even just once, and then share it with a friend — kind of like celebrity gossip magazines: reading them feels empty yet satisfying at the same time. And so it is with the tumblr blog Awesome People Hanging Out Together (their About page says simply “Title is pretty self-explanatory” — blogs don’t even have to try these days!). Of course, we were suckered in about six pages deep, with images like this one of Trent Reznor, Jon Stewart and Marilyn Manson sharing a few Budweisers.