Ahhhhhh, BRIDESMAIDS! Thank you.

Thank God for you. Or Goddess. Or maybe just Thank Goodness, goddammit. It’s about time for a breakthrough female-penned and starred bona fide hit, one that inspires more of the same ridiculous editorial content like “Hey, are women funny?”  Trampling its way over MEAN GIRLS and HOUSE BUNNY (sorry – but both of those scripts were funny but slightly overwritten), it’s not only laugh out loud hi-larious, but also truly crosses over to the boys without hiding that it’s solely about the girls.  Moreover — what Manohla said – the film has some serious content exploring the nature of female friendship and the female sense of self.

What I’d not yet seen on the screen is a comedy that skews and poking fun, in an intelligent way, about the ways in which women friends communicate. We females are usually quick to give compliments – it’s all support support support – when underneath, sometimes, it can be chock full of strategy and cunning. But the cooing is simply part of the performance. And not that it’s fake – it’s real … maybe a real performance. What’s great here is when the anxiety, insecurity and shame bust through the surface of said performance, giving us, well, bridesmaids behaving VERY badly. To VERY comic effect. When a desperate Annie (Kristin Wiig), who feels her territory is being pissed on by newcomer-friend Helen (Rose Byrne), she grabs the microphone from her so many times during an engagement party speech-off that my husband, next to me, started to cove his eyes and say “No…no…please no.” It was awesome.

Most of the guys I know did indeed find their favorite scene to be the infamous food poisoning escapade (in a nutshell: bridesmaids eat beef; bridesmaids erupt). It’s been the scene most discussed in the press as where the “boys’ influence” (Apatow) lies. (Apparently the final version is much tamer than the original.) Most women I know find it to be over the top. I think mostly for me, it’s just familiar (barfing all over each other … you know … seen it) – and therefore not nearly as enjoyable as watching Wiig bust her way into a first class cabin as the only bridesmaid who can only afford Coach, drunk, dressing down the hapless and bitchy male flight attendant and horrifying her friends.

Thank you – Wiig and Mumulo, for this movie.