Young entrepreneur launches social change site for students

Got teenagers at home? Do they have Summer plans beyond sleeping late, hanging out with friends, and spending time on Facebook? They may actually want to do something more meaningful, but have no idea how to get started. That’s the concept, anyway, behind iCAREweCARE, a new social networking site launched by 17-year-old Priyanka Jain.

Aimed at high school and college students, Jain created her site around the idea that teenagers do care about the state of world, and want to do something about it; however, most of their experiences with community service have been required, rather than stemming from passion. iCAREweCARE is designed to get students talking about the causes that motivate them — whether environmental or social — and to create a network that supports taking action on those causes. Students can not only talk about issues with each other, but also find organizations in their communities that serve these causes. Members can even rate their experiences, so others know which organizations provide them with the most meaningful opportunities.

Jain and her team have already gotten several high schools and colleges (including Yale and MIT) involved, and plan to grow from there. Want to hear more about her motivation and vision for the site? Watch her speech above at iCAREweCARE’s launch last Friday at San Francisco’s Walt Disney Family Museum.

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via Care2