Will Forte: Orgies and Dreams

DreamStates: Will Forte — Animation by James Braithwaite and Darren Pasemko

Will Forte is an actor, comedian and writer best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and for starring in the SNL spin-off film, MACGRUBER. Will is now starring in the new film A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and he’s also a featured artist in our new animated video series DreamStates. You can also check out Will in his recurring roles on 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation and Conan. He’s everywhere!

DreamStates takes a look into our dreams through the eyes of creative innovators from the worlds of film and music. In Will’s episode of DreamStates, he is being relentlessly chased by a giant Icelandic puffin. For those of you not in the know – puffins “kind of look a little like a penguin crossed with a toucan…..but they have a dark side to them…….and they can be a little snippy”. This snippy, giant puffin chases Will from the big city to the ski slopes of Squaw Valley and never backs off until they finally meet up face to face. What does all this mean? We don’t know – but it’s fun to watch.

About the Animators: James Braithwaite and Darren Pasemko

We teamed up with creative agency, Option-G, for our new collaborative animated video series, DreamStates, which launches this week. In the five part series, well known musicians and actors recall some of their most stirring dreams stories, which are then brought to life by five talented and unique animators.

The first season of DreamStates includes interviews with musicians Questlove (The Roots) and Mike Gordon (Phish), actor/comedian Will Forte (Saturday Night Live), actress Malin Akerman (WATCHMEN, COUPLES RETREAT) and writer/documentarian Sebastian Junger (THE PERFECT STORM/RESTREPO). For Will Forte’s episode of DreamStates, where Will is chased by a giant Icelandic puffin, Option-G wanted to work with illustrator/animator James Braithwaite.

Option-G was familiar with James’s previous illustration and animation work on the Oscar-nominated short film I MET THE WALRUS, an animated film based on an interview of John Lennon by Jerry Levitan in 1969. Levitan, then 14 years old, tracked Lennon to his hotel room in Toronto, made his way into John Lennon’s suite and persuaded John to agree to an interview. The animation for the film is based on Levitan’s historic audio recording of the interview. Emails and phone calls to Braithewaite ensued and James was locked for the Will Forte episode. James brought director/animator Darren Pasemko along for the ride and Will’s bizarre dream story came alive. Click here to check it out.

More on the Animators:

James Braithwaite is a semi-hairless ape living in the trees and caves around Montreal. Using his formidable opposable thumb, James has managed to eke out a living as an illustrator, and sometime director. James’ first foray into film (I Met the Walrus) was nominated for an Oscar in 2008, won a daytime Emmy in 2009, and was presented at the Guggenheim/Youtube Biennale in 2010. James has his sights set on the Golden Proboscis Award in 2011. James has recently worked with the National Film Board, Believer Magazine, The Darren Pasemko Manliness Institute, and many other institutions that really ought to know better. You can see James’ work at http://www.thebathwater.com/

Darren Pasemko – - I was born in 1977 – a blessed child of the eighties. My directing skills were honed with Fluorescent Hill in Montreal from 2002-2007. I design, photograph, video, film, and animate. Sometimes I call it “Desotodeoilmate,” or “Videosignilmate,” or “Filmdemateo” depending on the context. My process sounds heady, self important, and more complicated than pronouncing my last name, but basically it’s storytelling one way or another. I’m obsessed with synesthesia, modern oldies, fantastic realism, anthropological gems, radical absurdity, charismas, peculiarities, mysteries, stylized realities, cross genre mashing, and the legend of James Braithwaite. You can see Darren’s work at http://www.pasemko.com/

DreamStates: Will Forte
Created by Option-G
Design, Art Direction and Animation: James “Swami” Braithwaite and Darren “Hosana” Pasemko
Directed by Greg Tomlinson and Cole Gerst
Produced by Calvin Florian and Greg Tomlinson
Director of Photography: Lucas Millard
Edited by Azita Ayagh Morris
Dreamstates Open and End Credits by Eric Lacombe
Audio Sweetening by Juan Baez
Dreamstates Music by Ben Jastatt

Be sure to check out Will Forte’s puffin dream, and more from DreamStates.