Vegan cooking meets heavy metal

“Heavy metal vegan” may strike you as an oxymoron… but, then, until a few months ago, Fair Trade organic coffee by Rob Zombie may well have had the same effect. Despite the head-banging, leather-wearing clichès, veganism has found its way into metal culture… and a couple of web-savvy headbangers are creating online cooking shows devoted to this niche.

The most recent example: Vegan Black Metal Chef, an online cooking show performed with all of the accouterments of this metal sub-genre. Creator Brian Manowitz appears in all of the typical black metal makeup and garb (though his armor is made from rubber, not leather), and grunts and growls out the instructions to drum and guitar-heavy music. He’s only released one episode (making Pad Thai), but it’s fair to say it’s gone viral (almost 800,000 views at the time of this writing), and received attention from both the foodie and metal press. Take a look at it above.

Manowitz isn’t the first to bring metal and vegan cooking together through online video, though: Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking has been around for about a year, and gotten attention from The Cooking Channel, among other media outlets. Check out creator Tim Hogarth making Michael Jackson’s black bean burgers below.

So, throw up some devil horns, bang you head, and get your tofu on. Know of other examples of meatless cooking meeting heavy metal? Let us know about them…