Toby Wong retrospective

Portrait made from dice by Frederick McSwain

Toby Wong was a Canadian designer I once interviewed for FULL FRONTAL FASHION. He was a product designer and a subversive artist. His designs weren’t for everyone. He made gold coke spoons cast from McDonald’s coffee stirrers and diamond rings, inverted, so the diamond point was on the outside. That design was called “Killer Ring” obviously. This New York Times slideshow is a great reference of his work.

It is Design Week in NYC this week and a retrospective called Brokenoff Brokenoff, in Toby’s honor, will run May 14-17. It’s  a celebration of Toby’s work including many close friends’ contributions. From the show’s site:

In May 2010, the New York design community lost one of its most prolific and influential designers of the current generation, Tobias Wong. Blurring the boundary between conceptual art and design, the work of Tobias questioned the value system of objects and pretensions of designers with wit, satire and humor. Brokenoff Brokenoff is an exhibition inspired by the life and work of Tobias Wong. Nine celebrated New York based designers have come together to interpret and reflect the work of Tobias through their unique and individual design sensibilities.Through the lens of Tobias we hope to gain new insight into our work by questioning our personal values, design process and the necessity of humor by remembering never to take life or yourself too serious.

The show is at Gallery R’Pure, 3 east 19th. Brokenoff Brokenoff features the work of the following designers: