Student music video trains peers on recycling

Ever get frustrated when you see someone throwing away a recyclable item… right next to a recycling bin? Or throw a recyclable item in the wrong container? High school junior CJ Joseph certainly has, and has played the role of “recycling police” (or “recycling nazi” if you prefer) at Queens’ The Renaissance Charter School: “If I see somebody I’m like, ‘You’re throwing that out in the wrong bin. Follow the signs people! I know you’ve heard it: Papers go in the blue (bins), and bottles in the green.”

But as many of us have learned, badgering only gets you so far… so CJ decided to apply her other passion, music, to her recycling fervor, and wrote the song “R to the E to the Cycle.” If you read the lyrics, you’ll see they’re not much different from her “recycling police” instructions… but definitely more catchy!

Written originally as an Earth Day project, CJ’s made a video of the song (above), and also performed it at the Green Schools Alliance and Department of Education’s Green Schools NYC event. She plans to pursue her love of music (and, hopefully, of environmental activism) in college.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen teenagers putting their environmental concerns to music. Think it’s a good way for kids to share these ideas with their peers? Let us know what you think.