"Starved for Attention"

Looking through these photographs of happy, bouncing babies, you might think the one thing these children have in common is cuteness. That may be, but all the children depicted in this photo series are also malnourished. Still, these aren’t your typical hungry-baby pictures. “Starved for Attention” is a new documentary project that gives an “uplifting emphasis and reworked visual identity to the underlying causes of the global malnutrition crisis, which affects 195 million children around the world.” 195 million! And that’s just the kids.

“There is a sense that this story has already been told through the body of work produced by photojournalists who covered famines of the 20th Century,” explains VII photographer Ron Haviv. “Yet we believe that we have found a completely new visual language to tell this story – one that has the potential for great impact.”

Photojournalists from the agency VII, including Marcus Bleasdale, Jessica Dimmock and Antonin Kratochvil, traveled to some of the world’s “malnutrition hotspots” in collaboration with humanitarian groups Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders to produce an exhibition of both photographs and documentary films that  premiered as part of Stockholm Photography Week, which runs until May 29, 2011.