Spotlight on ScanLAB

William Trossell and Matthew Shaw run ScanLAB, a series of projects that investigate the capabilities of 3D laser scanning in architecture on all scales, from intricately detailed objects to large cityscapes. The results land somewhere in that exciting new space between technology and art. Their Abney Park Cemetery project is a good example of what that means. Last year Trossell and Shaw visited the London cemetery and took what they call forensic snapshots – eerie, ghostlike images of the chapel, which was severely damaged in a fire and is currently in a state of decay (the chapel is still awaiting funding for repairs).

A more recent project is “Scanning the Mist (below),” a series of experiments that test the limits of the 3D scanner, which has so far proved itself to be an amazing tool with the ability to accurately replicate even the finest details. But Trossell and Shaw wanted to really push it and see if it could detect really minute particles, so they ran a set of experiments using smoke and mist. The results, as you can see, are not only spot-on, but like the chapel images, they have an eerie, even magical quality to them.

ScanLAB is constantly doing amazing things. Keep tabs on their latest.