Only in New York

Only in New York do people live in apartments covered in tape, covered in yarn, and covered in crazy wallpapers. Eclectic people flock to this city and New York Magazine‘s new issue features some extreme decor proves that. Included are six apartments of various size and extremity. Featured are Agata Oleksiak (now known solely as Olek), who crocheted her home, Sylvia Heisel, who covered hers in tape, and Jason Oliver Nixon, who covered his in wallpapers. Throw in the oddness of  Amy Sedaris, David Biscaye’s home as an antique shop, and Benjamin Noriega -Ortiz and Steven Wine’s supergay second home and you have a visual that New Yorkers are kooks! Accurate, yes. The slideshows are fun; a little obnoxious, but good for a laugh. Or three.