Night of 1000 Stevies Hits NYC!

Once a year in New York, Steve Nicks is wearing a fringed shawl and twirling, ever twirling, as she sings (or more likely lipsynchs) “just like the white winged dove” and other familiar lyrics to a packed house of fervent admirers.

Well, not Stevie herself, if you want to get technical. It’s actually scads of Stevie impersonators and worshipers, who convene at the “Night of 1000 Stevies” event to pay tribute to the Fleetwood Mac waif who went on to ethereal solo stardom complete with all kinds of witchy/hippie/gypsy paraphernalia and a pronounced catch in her throat.

The 21st annual Night of 1000 Stevies—May 6 at the Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th Street)–has extra relevance because In Your Dreams, Stevie’s first solo album in a decade, comes out this week. That will help cement the fans’ deep-seated feeling that Stevie is not only bigger than Gaga, but that she in fact is just starting out, with many tightly headbanded chapters to come!

Chi Chi Valenti and Hattie Hathaway (who coproduce the event with Johnny Dynell) MC the proceedings, which include three acts of “Belladonna”-laden mayhem that’s not only entertaining but kind of touching, especially since mockery is generally eschewed in favor of wacky, loving homage.

All the usuals will pop up onstage, like local performers Heather Litteer, Machine Dazzle, Gusty Winds, and other boho types who are just too good for prime time. And this year, they’ll be joined by some handpicked new folk, like Lea Lorien (performing with her dad, Bowie guitarist Carlos Alomar) and an all-drag Canadian group of Stevies called Fleetwood Visions.

“As always,” promise the producers,  “Act Three will close with the epic Battle of 1000 Stevies, and dancing continues till the last Nightbird has flown.” No doubt the dance floor will be strewn with all kinds of feathers, jewelry, and broken hearts.

If one can secure a ticket (, what does one wear to such a thing? A button-down shirt and pants in my case, because you just can’t compete with these people. But if you bravely want to try, the dress code suggests “hopelessly enchanted eveningwear, Victorian heart lockets, Cocteau references, Spiderweb shawls,” and lots of other handy ideas for the Stevie-licious.

If you see someone wearing all the above and looking like Stevie herself…don’t believe it. Every year there are murmurs that the singer extraordinaire might actually turn up to witness this night of nights in person, but she ends up being as elusive as the white winged dove.