Nick Van Woert at Yvon Lambert gallery

Sculptor Nick Van Woert seems to have more of sense of humor than most these days. His personal website displays his work using great animated .gifs that show his normally stationary work in motion. It’s just as cheeky as some of the sculptures themselves, like “Untitled,” a fiberglass bust that’s clearly Abraham Lincoln, only with chunks of his head, face and neck hacked off and attached to a separate steel form. The two pieces reside side-by-side as gruesome mirror images. It’s a bit of fun and a bit grisly too, what with the chopped pieces revealing bright bits of polyurethane plastic designed to resemble raw flesh.

His other sculptures are mainly composed of fiberglass or plaster with a polyurethane adhesive, like the very creepy “You Will Die of Something,” made from multi-colored polyurethane adhesive dripping from a skeleton suspended in mid-air. A few are more conventional in terms of materials, like the steel-based “She-Wolf,” but Van Woert’s work is so diverse both in form and subject that you really don’t know what you’ll see at one of his shows. Luckily, you don’t have to wait long to see what he’s cooked up next. “Play Time,” which I can only assume is a tongue-in-cheek title, is coming up at Yvon Lambert in NY on May 19, 2011.