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Is that a lipstick in your pocket, or are you just…

image via Lelo

A lot of the so-called “discreet” sex toys out there don’t exactly live up to their name. Sure, the I Rub My Duckie doesn’t look like a vibrator, but then you’ve still got to explain to your visiting aunt why, past the age of four, you keep a rubber duckie in your bath tub. And then there are those cheap mini vibes that claim to pass for a lipstick in your purse but just look like a kid’s play version of makeup instead. Which is why we love Lelo’s Mia vibrator — it actually looks like a lipstick. And because it’s made by Lelo, the uber-classy Swedish toy designers, it looks like a classy tube of lipstick, and not something meant for that ho Barbie.

We’re long-time fans of all things Lelo, despite the price you pay ($50 for this toy) — they’re conscientious about the environment, about body safety, about design, and, oh yes, about pleasure. The Mia is available in pale pink, purple, or black (our fave), and the recent upgrade features an improved motor which doubles the power of the previous iteration. It’s got four modes of vibration, it’s as quiet as it is sleek, and it’s made of phthalate-free, hypo-allergenic ABS plastic (which feels awesomely smooth in the hand). And the best part? It charges through your computer USB — and the black version looks so innocent while doing so that we swear your boss or your seat-mate on a 747 wouldn’t notice.


image via Lelo