Dreaming with Option-G

Our friends at creative agency Option-G created our latest animated web series, DreamStatesLIVE NOW!

In the series, innovators from the worlds of music and film recall some of their most bizarre dream stories. The dreams are then brought to life by talented and unique animators. Sundance Channel also worked with Option-G in the past on the award-winning eco-themed animated series Yung Yeti. We love all things Option-G, whether it’s animation, illustration, original art work, prints, t-shirts or posters — they do it all. Click here to check out the Option-G website and see for yourself.

More on Option-G:

Option-G was founded by artist, graphic designer and animator Cole Gerst after holding art director posts at House of Blues and record labels in Atlanta and Los Angeles. In 2009, Cole teamed with Greg Tomlinson, a leader in digital media marketing and content creation, to further expand Option-G’s overall reach and vision. For the last 10 years, Option-G has been continuously growing and gaining notoriety with its design and illustration style. Option-G has been highly influential and accredited for helping foster the resurgence of the “gig” poster by designing posters for such bands as the Shins, Beck, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes & Interpol. Option-G has won multiple awards for design from Communication Arts, Print and HOW Magazines. In 2005, Option-G continued to grow as a t-shirt line was added to the mix, selling t-shirts to such companies as Urban Outfitters and Fred Segal. Moving into the digital realm, Option-G has been creating and directing original animated, mobile and flash content for clients such as Sundance Channel, Toyota, Mazda and Nickelodeon. The company won the Sundance Channel “Greenimation” award for its “Yung Yeti” cartoon series and was nominated for a Streamy Award for their animated work on the Good Magazine series “Inventions”.

DreamStates — About the Episodes:

DreamStates, our new 5-part animated web series has launched and it includes interviews with musicians Questlove (The Roots) and Mike Gordon (Phish), actor/comedian Will Forte (Saturday Night Live), actress Malin Akerman (WATCHMEN, COUPLES RETREAT) and writer/documentarian Sebastian Junger (THE PERFECT STORM/RESTREPO). The dreams recounted by these creative innovators run the gamut of bizarre, funny, powerful and shocking. Each episode was animated by 5 different, unique and talented animators. Below is a brief description of each episode – but you really need see this these unique videos to get the full effect. You can check them out here.

Questlove recalls the only dream he EVER has – literally – this is ALWAYS the dream and it’s ALWAYS in black and white dream. In the dream, Questlove is ALWAYS at 30th St. Train Station in Philadelphia, he’s ALWAYS about to fail out of school and he ALWAYS has the agonizing pressure of having to come up with an new theme song and animation for Soul Train. What? We can’t make this up. Watch the episode.

Will Forte:
In Will Forte’s episode of DreamStates, Will is being relentlessly chased by a giant Icelandic puffin. This giant puffin chases Will from the big city to the ski slopes of Squaw Valley and never backs off – he just can’t seem to shake this puffin until they finally meet face to face. Bizarre! Watch the episode.

Malin Akerman:
Malin hears her mother get killed and then she is repeatedly stabbed by her mother’s killer until “everything goes black”. After “awakening” – she is faced with the choice of saying goodbye to her father or heading towards the “light”. Along the way she gets some help and guidance from old family and friends. Scary! Watch the episode.

Sebastian Junger:
Sebastian recalls how, while embedded with troops in Afghanistan, his “dream state and reality would get often blended together”. In his very profound dream – Sebastian and his “older brother” are being attacked by incredibly evil and violent “bubble monsters” that just keep coming and won’t stop – with no end in sight. Intense! Watch the episode.

Mike Gordon:
In Mike Gordon’s episode of DreamStates, Mike talks about how sometimes when playing live  – he’ll get to a “place” that connects him to one of his “night dreams”. Mike literally sees a “vision” of a recurring dream while playing live on stage. Crazy! Watch the episode.

View all episodes of DreamStates here.