"Drawings from the Film BEGINNERS"

Mike Mills, veteran music video director who turned feature film director in 2005 with THUMBSUCKER says he’s “a graphic designer as much as [he is] a filmmaker.” His latest project, BEGINNERS, may be, first and foremost, a film, but as someone who works across multiple mediums it’s accompanied by “a lot of stuff,” like copious amounts of scribbling, note-taking, journaling and drawing.

Instead of throwing all that “stuff” in a box under the bed or putting it on wall in a gallery, Mills has compiled it in the book “Mike Mills: Drawings From the Film BEGINNERS,” divided into three sections: “The History of Sadness,” “1955″ and “The History of Love.” If you’ve seen the trailer then you know that 1955 is the year Oliver’s (Ewan McGregor) parents get married. In the film, Oliver, a designer, is working on “The History of Sadness” section, which includes several drawings started by Mills and finished by McGregor, who Mills describes as “very crafty. He just likes making things. He has this amazing VW camper from the ’60s and he upholstered it with Scottish plaid.” Read more about the book and The New York Times interview with Mills in full.