Boxsal – the compostable picnic

Last week Gilt Groupe had a sale on the fashionably recyclable picnic boxes made by Boxsal. Or wait, was it Gilt Home or Gilt Taste? Oh, who can keep track anymore. Unlike most Gilt deals, the sale didn’t actually save buyers any money – the picnic boxes still go for $25 on their own website, but at the price who’s complaining? No, the “sale” was really more of a promotion and, well, it worked.

Boxsal, which calls its products “part Oscar de la Renta, part Oscar Meyer,” claims to be “bringing the picnic back into fashion,” and with recyclable cardboard picnic boxes available in three different designs (see images below), it just might. True, we know that all you actually need for a picnic is a couple of sandwiches and bag to carry them in, but if style and (ahem) the environment are a concern, Boxsal’s got you covered. Each picnic box is made from Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) grade recycled paper containing 40%-60% post-consumer waste content, printed with “earth-friendly” inks. The boxes, which can hold up to twenty pounds (that means at least one bottle of wine), comes stocked with biodegradable and compostable cups, utensils and plates. Trays and bowls are made from 100% sugar cane fiber, cups are made from PLA, which is derived from U.S. corn growth and the utensils are corn-starch-based, meaning everything will completely biodegrade in 180 days. All you need to supply is the food.