Green collar jobs turn blue: water quality in disadvantaged communities

Green collar jobs aren’t just for the mechanically and technically inclined: as we’ve seen, numerous organizations, businesses and local governments have focused on tasks ranging from tree planting and care to herb growing (the legal kind) to energy efficiency consulting and assistance.

Environmental justice and economic empowerment powerhouse Green for All provides insight into another area for potential job creation that’s not getting as much attention: water quality and conservation. We know that access to fresh, clean, potable water is a very serious issue in the developing world… but, as the video above shows, we’re not immune to these issues here in the United States (just ask anyone living in an area now suffering from drought).

These challenges present opportunity, and Green for All highlights one organization that’s recognized the health, environmental, and economic potential of addressing water issues. The West Atlanta Water Alliance (WAWA) was founded to address “discriminatory waste water treatment practices in west Atlanta.” That focus has expanded into waterway protection, groundwater conservation, and clean water access… as well as training young west Atlantans in skills that will provide employment opportunities in this field.

Take a look at the work WAWA is doing in the community… and let us know about other organizations focused on addressing waters while creating economic opportunity.