A Q&A with Will Forte – Part 2

To celebrate the launch of DreamStates, last week I got on a call with Will Forte while he drove to Mt. Rushmore. We discussed puffins, SNL, and of course, his dreams. Part One was yesterday. Part Two is below.

You’re not on SNL anymore?

I left SNL in the summer and moved back to Los Angeles.

But you were just on this past weekend with Elton John?

Just for that sketch. That was so exciting to have Tom Hanks play my brother. He is so fun to be around.

Are you working on new movies?

I just got done with a movie Tim and Eric. It is called Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. I was in Palm Springs wearing a moustache. I love wearing a mustache.

You mentioning Palm Springs just made me think of last summer. You know we were both at the same hotel last summer for our birthdays in Turks & Caicos last June? I was in the pool and I turned around and you and Jason Sudeikis were in the pool. So we almost met then.

No way! We got there and Jason and I went to our different rooms! That’s right, we were not staying together! I went to the beach and 30 seconds into the water I stepped on a sea anemone. I forgot what to do when this happens. I did not know if I was supposed to pee on myself or not. I did not pee on myself and I guess I should have. It took months to heal.

What happens when you step on one?

Well their needles break off into your skin. It did not hurt too bad at first. It was a subtle pain for a couple months and then two months later something felt wrong with my foot. I looked down and there was this, um, corn, I wouldn’t call it a zit, but I squeezed it and some crazy, gross amount of a foot brain came out.

But you have nightmares about puffins not sea urchin?

It was revenge as I always eat uni. So I earned the right to eat sea urchin in Turks & Caicos.

If you had a second dream to turn into a DreamState what would it be?

Oh man. That is what is unusual about this dream. I don’t really have a memory. College drinking killed it and that is my theory. I only remember tragic dreams. Most weird dreams I forget about. This one about puffins stuck in my head for some reason

The guilt for eating puffins?


Who was your favorite host of SNL?

There are so many. Alec Baldwin. Justin Timberlake. Will Ferrell and Jack Black. It was such a thrill with Steve Martin. Tom Hanks is so fantastic.

What do you miss the most about SNL?

It is such a unique a experience. It is torturous and grueling, but you miss it. Mostly you miss the people. It is such a family. There is a real constancy … Is that a word?

I don’t know if it is a word. I don’t think so.

Ok. Well I want you to say I said “constancy.” It will catch on. It might not be a word, but you knew what I was saying. The people there are family to me and it is hard to be away from them. Though it is nice to be close to my blood family who are in California.

One more question: did you think the women in Iceland were the hottest in the world?

That’s why I went! I was with a friend who is writing a movie based on an article that claims the women in Iceland are the hottest in the world. The article traces back the roots to the most beautiful people of the world and show that Iceland was the genesis, um no, the “constancy,” the starting point of all beauty!

I was shocked and I am gay and I was there with two gay guys and we called it straight guy heaven. The woman were all 5’9, blond, and hot! And in heels.

The guys were good looking too, right?

No, they were dogs! If you’re a straight man and don’t get laid in Iceland then something is wrong.

It was so different there. It is like Europe meets Canada. And I went to the whale penis museum. Did you?

It is not a whale penis museum. It is just a penis museum. Last week they got their first human specimen,

That is crazy! Well I need to get back there to see the update. The most memorable penis was definitely the elephant penis. There’s a real character to an elephant penis.

With that I say goodbye!


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