Vimeo of the Week: Nova the film

NOVA the film from ROJO on Vimeo.

The 75 minute documentary “Nova the film,” is a movie on new art and the artists, many new, young, and excited, who make these works. It was directed by Isaac Niemand and produced by ROJO® in collaboration with BossaNovaFilms.

The film follows the ®Nova Contemporary Culture, a “creative event, open to public, which takes over Museums and cultural institutions, and presents live collaborated work in progress processes by selected artists from around the world.” It’s quite fascinating watching the installations come to life. Interspersed with artist interviews, those images of creation really come to live. Not only does it shine a light on how exhibits and displays get built and created, it also gets in the head of these young artists. It’s all very inspiring.

Shot in the summer of 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.