Victorian erotica embroidery, vulva jackets & vajewelry

Etsy is the best-y. If not for finding stellar handmade goods and art, then at least for a reliable good laugh. In fact, we probably spend more time on Regretsy, the fail blog of Etsy that highlights all the handmade horrors and craft disasters that people with no shame or taste are trying to pawn off. Of course, anything sex-related for sale on Etsy has a good chance of showing up on Regretsy, since cooters and crochet rarely mix. This week had a whole slew of vagina-focused merch highlighted on Regretsy, including (but not limited to) vulva jackets and vajewelry. But there’s a lot of crap out there that takes time to get on Regretsy — right now, we’re waiting for a snarky entry on this Victorian erotica embroidery (three words we never would have guessed we’d ever use together in a sentence).