Urban gardening meets wall art: Urbio

Urbio Urban Vertical Garden from Enlisted Design on Vimeo.

Urbanites with no yard space can get pretty creative in finding places to start a garden: from fire escapes to vacant lots. A new concept, Urbio, allows you to stop searching for space and start gardening: if you’ve got a wall, you’re good to go.

At its core, the concept is pretty simple: various sized “eco plastic” pots “equipped with large neodymium magnets.” The Urbio system works with wall plates, but isn’t limited to them… any metallic surface (i.e. the fridge) could hold one of these plant pots. Because you don’t have to attach the pots permanently, you can also get creative with placement of plants and pots… kind of a living version of create your own poetry magnets. And, as you can see in the video above, these aren’t run-of-the-mill plastic pots… aesthetics, as well as function, are a part of the system.

Unfortunately, the Urbio system isn’t yet for sale… it’s still in the works. The designers are raising funds to pay for the tooling portion of the project through Kickstarter… check out the photos, and consider kicking in a few bucks.

Think you might use something like this for growing your own plants… edible or not? Got other creative ways of gardening without a yard? Share your thoughts…

via Urban Gardens