Twitter invasion

Does the new Tweetseat make a compelling case for connecting digital and physical communities or is this an example of technology and social media gone too far? Designed by Chris McNicoll, the Tweetseat is a park bench at the Botanical Gardens in Dundee, Scotland that takes two pictures each time someone sits on it. The first picture, taken from the bench, captures the point of view of the sitter, and the second is a photo of the person/people sitting on the bench taken from a nearby tree. This set of pictures is then automatically uploaded to the Twitter feed @Tweetingseat.

McNicoll thinks of his web-ready bench as a way to bridge the gap between the online and real world, but aren’t technology and digital communication exactly what park-goers seek to escape from when they visit a natural environment? Aside from its invasive qualities, viewing the final product, the actual set of pictures the Tweetseat produces, begs the question, who cares? Is it somehow titillating to see security camera quality snap shots of people on a bench who know they’re being photographed? Frankly, it seems more like an exercise in bad photography backed by a bland premise.

Photos courtesy of Core77