The carbon-neutral, ultra-modern tiny house: The Cube Project

A tour of the Cube from Mike Page on Vimeo.

Think you could live in 100 square feet? Certainly, you’d have to do without some basic amenities, right… because you couldn’t cram a kitchen, bath, bedroom, and living/dining area into that small a space?

Turns out, you can… and also produce as much energy as the house consumes. That’s the idea, anyway, behind the Cube Project, a 10x10x10 home created by Dr. Mike Page at the UK’s University of Hertfordshire. It’s got all the amenities you’d expect (even a LED television and a washing machine), features solar panels and an air-source heat pump, and about six feet of head room throughout. In the UK, it’s even a money-maker: based on the country’s feed-in tariff, a Cube owner could expect to generate about £1000 per year.

Take a tour through the Cube above… including the upstairs areas (yep, there are levels in this small space), and let us know what you think. Could you live this way?

via Earth Techling


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