Tap Into It

TAP INTO IT from Vancouver Craft Beer Week on Vimeo.

Gay men like beer a lot more than many a stereotype suggest. But even those gay men who turn their noses up at beer in favor of the more obvious choices like vodka may reconsider after watching this movie. In teal unitard and rocking a regular guy’s body, the actor gives his best Jennifer Beals a la FLASHDANCE. He’s good. Connecting with the camera to comedic effect and giving it all.

The movie, TAP INTO IT, was created by the Vancouver Craft Beer Week, which I am sure is filled with straight guys. But they must be really cool straight guys as they’ve produced one of the campiest things I’ve encountered on the internet since Lady Gaga’s last single leak. It’s the perfect giggle-inducing video for a Friday at work.

Bring on the beer. And the dance routine!