Questlove: Coming to Sundance Channel in May…… and lots of other places too!

Image from DreamStates, featuring QuestLove.

Questlove is a very busy man! Drummer, DJ, blogger, producer. He seems to do it all. However, he wasn’t too busy to sit down with us and tell us about his very bizarre recurring dream for the new series DreamStates – which launches on on May 2nd. You can check out a preview of the series below. Other DreamStates interview subjects include Will Forte, Sebastian Junger, Mike Gordon and Malin Akerman.

If you need a Questlove fix beyond his DreamStates episode – you can always check out Questlove and The Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, or live and in the flesh on Thursday nights at Brooklyn Bowl for the Questlove DJ set “Bowl Train”, or in San Francisco for another DJ set on 4/22 at Mezzanine, or on tour with the Roots this summer, or follow him on Twitter feed with 1.5 million other people.

See – we told you he’s busy.

DreamStates Sneak Peek –