One more film set in the snow-scape of Fargo, North Dakota

Goran Rusinovic’s 2009 film BUICK RIVIERA was playing in my town tonight, and it was an interesting ride of a road movie. The road traveled here is mostly psychological, as two characters, both from the Balkans, one Bosnian Serb, one Bosnian Muslim, intersect on a deserted snowy road in Fargo, North Dakota. One has slid off the icy road in his beloved Buick Riviera, which functions as a sort of refuge space for him from the painful memories of war-torn Bosnia and the death of his parents. The Serb, on the other hand, who helps out at the scene, seems to take refuge in pushing his own suffering onto others, in this case, on our hero Hasan.

The Serb, Vuko (Leon Lucev), is eager to talk about the conflict back home while the two ride back into town. He’s also eager to blame Hasan (Slavko Stimac) whole cloth, as well as to indict all Muslims as the kind of people from whom you can’t expect anything – “I tell you everything, and you tell me nothing.” Typical, sighs Vuko. The microcosm conflict is never dull, if a bit simple in that Vuko feels villainous and could use a few more notes of complexity. But nonetheless, the two men, both on downward spirals, exhibit pain stemming from  their pasts and head directly toward inflicting pain on each other. It’s a three person film that quietly builds tension … and what’s the bonus? Gorgeously shot. One more suspense story out of Fargo, North Dakota. Hopefully coming to a Netflix queue near you, soon.

Even without subtitles, you get the conflict here, in the trailer: