Earth Week art: Matthew Moore's Digital Farm Collective

Digital Farm Collective from Digital Farm Collective on Vimeo.

Matthew Moore work was featured at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival… but not on a traditional movie screen. Rather, Moore’s “seed to market” videos of specific types of produce were shown at the Park City Fresh Market grocery store… directly above the bins of that produce. As with so much other recent food activism, the idea was to connect people with their food… and the journey it takes from farm to table.

Moore, a fourth generation Arizona farmer and trained artist, is still working on making that connection… as well as illustrating the threats faced by farmers from creeping development into farm land. His latest project, the Digital Farm Collective, aims to connect us with the actual cultivation of the produce we eat by collecting time lapse photography of various crops’ production cycles. His goal: short videos showing the cultivation of every farmed plant on the planet.

It’s an ambitious project: Moore won’t do all the shooting himself, but, rather, wants to equip other farmers with the equipment necessary to document crop cultivation. He envisions a “…living library that shares the footage, philosophies, and agricultural data on the growth of our produce to reconnect us with our food and share the stories of the plants and the farmers and families that grow them.”

Moore explains his concept more fully in the video above… he’s also soliciting financial assistance through United States Artists (a crowdfunding platform that we’ve covered). Take a look at some of the videos he’s already produced, and consider lending a hand to this effort to expand common knowledge of how our food reaches our plates.

Know of other artists using their talents to document agriculture and food production? Let us know about them…