Green tech finds (4/7/11)

T-BOX-2010_liteonaward from jiangqian on Vimeo.

We’ve got mushroom materials this week… plus another upgrade in ENERGY STAR standards, and algae’s potential for cleaning up nuclear wastes…

  • Dell piloting mushroom packaging: I mentioned this development last year… this week, Dell packaging guru Oliver Campbell announced that the company will be piloting use of a mushroom-based packaging materials for shipping products. (Note: Spent a few days in Austin to attend a Dell CAP Day last week… they paid for my trip).

  • Ford’s looking at mushroom-based foam insulation: Yep… a mushroom twofer — Ford’s also considering using Ecovative’s material to replace petroleum-based foams used as insulating material in its cars interior elements.

  • The CO2 powered street light: Hungarian designer Peter Horvath’s Biolamp concept is designed to power itself with carbon dioxide. (via Greenwala)

  • Electric plane gets first test flight: German company PC-Aero successfully got their Elektra One airplane into the air for a thirty-minute test flight. (via Earth Techling)

  • New ENERGY STAR standards for lighting: The EPA has announced new standards for lighting products seeking the ENERGY STAR label. As of later this year, fixtures will need to show 30% efficiency gain over “currently qualified fluorescent-based fixtures.”

  • Using algae to clean up nuclear waste: Scientists at Northwestern University and the Argonne National Laboratory think they may be able to harness freshwater algae to sequester Strontium 90, a major waste component from nuclear reactors. (via Inhabitat)

  • Harvesting train winds: Designers Qian Jiang and Alessandro Leonetti Luparini’s T-Box sits between railroad ties and harvest wind energy from trains passing above them. Take a look at it in the video above. (via Discovery News)

Got a green tech find not listed here? Share it with us… leave a comment below.


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