Black & WTF?

Every so often a blog surfaces from the mire that is the blogosphere, a blog brilliant in its clarity of voice and its efficacy at conveying the one simple pleasure it was created to purvey. I’m talking about the seemingly effortless genius that is Black and WTF? Created in 2009, Black and WTF? is chock-full of weird and wonderful gems from the eras of black and white photography. The single commonality all these images share is that taken out of context (assuming they had one to begin with) they make absolutely no sense.

Why is that woman carrying a fully grown tiger across her shoulders? Why is that llama wearing a wig and smoking a cigarette? Why is that pickle four feet tall? Who knows? Who cares? Let’s just revel in the magic of the mystery and enjoy this harmless bit of diversion. On a personal level, no other blog gives me the quite the same pick-me-up. Did I wake up this morning thinking a nun lounging against an elephantine cactus would make my day? No, but it did, and I’ve come to rely on this daily dose of awe-struck bizarre wonderment as much as I do my morning cup of coffee.