A commemorative royal wedding "ring"

You’ve probably heard of the royal wedding commemorative refrigerator, the one with the huge honkin’ picture of William and Kate in an embrace emblazoned on the doors. Not exactly discreet. Well, now there’s something a little more subtle, with more humor, if not more class: The Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring (as in love ring, i.e. cock ring):

The Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring allows you to enjoy the regal union of pleasure with an added buzz. Adding the ‘something blue’ to the matrimonial ceremony, this Royal Blue Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring is available for lovers now, for £6.99 [$12.58 in US dollars]. Just slip the the Royal Blue ring onto his Prince Charming and enjoy the mutually stimulating benefits during your private (or public) display of affection.

Not only is this freaking hysterical, it’s also made of phthalate-free silicone! Fortunately, you anglophiles on this side of the pond can get your own ring in time for the wedding on April 29th: LoveHoney.co.uk delivers to the States.