Women have casual sex for — get this! — pleasure

It may not be news to any of you ladies out there who’ve enjoyed the thrill of a no-strings-attached hook-up, but for those who buy into the evo-psych pop notion that women are only interested in high-status resource providers rather than hotties (i.e. the opposite of men’s supposed eternal motivations) there’s a study published in this month’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that’s about to rock your world: it suggests that women are as likely as men to accept offers of casual sex, so long as they believe they’ll get some satisfaction out of the encounter (which, if we’re being honest, doesn’t happen as often as we ladies would like). Salon interviewed the researcher, The University of Michigan’s Terri Conley, about her findings:

What weaknesses did your research reveal about the popular evolutionary view of how we choose whom we sleep with?

Sexual strategies theory proposes that women are motivated to accept sex because of the status of the potential sexual partner. I tested this possibility in several studies and it was never borne out. Moreover perceptions of status did not affect perceptions of the males’ sexual capabilities, either.


photo by e.esders