Thirty states now developing U.S. bike routes

While efforts to develop high-speed rail routes in the United States have hit all sorts of political snags, another effort at low-carbon travel is quietly making inroads in a majority of the states. The Adventure Cycling Association reports that its proposed U.S. Bicycling Route System reached a milestone earlier this month: “thirty states are now actively working to implement official U.S. Bike Routes for transportation, recreation, and tourism” — double the number from last year!

Think of the proposed system as a sort of bike-friendly interstate: ACA is working with state Departments of Transportation and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to designate routes that “connect two or more states, a state and an international border, or other U.S. Bicycle Routes.” The idea isn’t new: according to ACA’s “U.S. Bicycle Route System 101,” the first designated routes were established in 1982… but the concept floundered until 2003. Right now, Florida, Georgia, and California are leading the way in state and interstate efforts, with a number of others actively working on planning and development.

Want to find out about your own state’s efforts? ACA has created an interactive map of the US that shows proposed routes, and the status of their development.

Does interstate travel by bike sound like something you’d use? Support? Let us know what you think…

via @MotherEarthNews


Photo Credit: Frosty Woolridge and Adventure Cycling Association