Qaddafi gets autotuned and goes viral

A 31-year-old Israeli “journalist, musician and Internet buff” Noy Alooshe autotuned embattled Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi’s recent crazed televised speech and set it to an electro-dance beat. The rather catchy song and video “Zenga Zenga Song” has since gone quickly viral (over 1.5MM YouTube views) and provided a 21st century revolutionary version of the Numa Numa song (+41MM YouTube views) while at the same time helping to defang Qaddafi.

Mr. Alooshe, who at first did not identify himself on the clip as an Israeli, started receiving enthusiastic messages from all around the Arab world. Web surfers soon discovered that he was a Jewish Israeli from his Facebook profile — Mr. Alooshe plays in a band called Hovevey Zion, or the Lovers of Zion — and some of the accolades turned to curses. A few also found the video distasteful.

But the reactions have largely been positive, including a message Mr. Alooshe said he received from someone he assumed to be from the Libyan opposition saying that if and when the Qaddafi regime fell, “We will dance to ‘Zenga-Zenga’ in the square.”