New Planters green energy Peanutmobile

The new Nut Mobile

The newly retired Nut Mobile

If, like me, you had an Oscar Meyer wienie whistle as a kid and, like me, you freaked out on those rare and magical occasions when you actually saw the Wienermobile drive through your town, then you’ll be just as excited as I was to find out about the new Nut Mobile from Planters Peanuts. A major improvement on the old Nut Mobile which looked like a cheap Hot Wheels toy topped off with a frighteningly large Mr. Peanut sticking out the back, the new Nut Mobile’s fiberglass shell not only looks like a real peanut but it boasts improvements like recycled parts, solar panels, LED lighting, a wind turbine and an engine that runs partially on biodiesel. You can expect to see it on the road in the next few months, sending your children (if they’re anything like me) screaming in the backseat.