George Michael covers New Order

The above video is George Michael‘s odd yet infectious new single. It is a cover of the classic New Order techno-pop gem “True Faith,” a song released in 1987. “True Faith’s” always been my favorite New Order song. It’s aged well and it’s lyrics are dark and moody. The song in my eyes always summed up what it was like being gay as a kid. New Order’s video for the song was modern and Bauhaus inspired. It fused primary colored cartoon characters with ballet. The characters fought one another too.

Michael’s take is trippy. He slows the song way down and inexplicably sings the lyrics through a vocoder. This is typically done in two instances. One is for an effect on parts of a song but not the entire vocal delivery (think Cher’s “Believe”) and other times to hide the fact that a singer is not really a singer (Kanye West). But Michael definitely can sing. And he sings well. So why the vocoder? Who knows.

I’ve listened a few times and I’m hooked. It’s just so weird that an 80s icon has covered another 80s icon’s work. His video above even references the original in a drug-fueled remembrance of images past.