"Comics Stripped" at The Museum of Sex

The problem with live-action porn (okay, one of the many problems) is that it’s difficult (okay, it’s difficult for some) to forget that the actors on screen are somebody’s son or daughter, and could potentially be suffering from any number of issues (drug abuse, poverty, mental problems, bad taste) that got them in the biz in the first place. Yes, there are XXX stars who are mentally and emotionally stable, drug-free and just love to schtupp, but we’re willing to bet they’re in the minority. So for those of you have a hard time reconciling your porn collection with your conscience, there’s illustrated pornography, dirty comics, and adult graphic novels. With this kind of erotica, you don’t have to worry about any real-live human animals being harmed in any way during its production — the perverse, distasteful and disturbing all occur in the artists’ minds, where the laws of our justice system and of physics don’t need to be obeyed. “Comics Stripped,” the most recent current exhibition at The Museum of Sex in NYC, collects just this kind of smut, and examines “the history and cultural significance of the images, icons and illustrators that have entertained, educated (as well as equally misinformed) on the basics of sex, and created a realm of sexual fantasy unlimited by the constraints of reality for generations.” Currently on view at the Museum located on the corner of 5th Ave and 27th St; tickets for 18+ only are $16.75 ($15.25 for students and seniors).