Bridge & tunnel traps

From the same people (Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine) behind the hipster traps (previously) that created a buzz on the Internet is the latest urban snare aimed this time at the folks who come into the City from New Jersey and Long Island, aka the “bridge and tunnel” crowd. This trap was set up in front of the bar Mason & Dixon in the Lower East Side and tempted victims with the following: tanner, PATH train tickets, LIRR train schedules, a gold chain, cologne and spray-on bronzer. Gothamist reports:

The most affirming moment of the night came when a disheveled looking middle aged man came over to them, asking if the traps were operational. When they were cagey about revealing too many details, the man asked again, flashing his badge, revealing himself to be an undercover cop. Satisfied that they weren’t dangerous, he gave his feedback on the piece: “It’s funny as fuck.”

What social demographic is next to be hit?